A Dream flower


A red poppy is the symbolism of dreams and vision to me.If poppy is observed in its process of growth,we find the bud hangs its head , heavy with promise of blossom .As if the bud is pregnant with floral dreams . I promise you that this saree will also fulfill your desire for wearing a dream saree with realistic approach.
This is a grey geecha silk with bright red pallu .It has an unique rough textural surface which enhances the beauty of the painting more like real flowers .Its high quality natural fiber makes the fabric durable and the sheen of the fabric gives a rich appeal to the saree.
The 75cmΓ—50cm floral design is painted directly on the fabric without tracing the base design.It falls on the right side of the first pleat .And a smaller version of the same design is painted at the back of the blouse.

Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dry wash is preferred.
  2. Always iron from the reverse side .
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