A small celebration


The flash of blue water fall ,the spray ,the slippery rocks ,the steep drops,the glimpse of the glinting of cascading water over the rocks always hold a special allure for the traveller as they drive past the mountain.No matter where we are ,there is always moments to savour and celebrate.A small celebration could also be just absorbing a positive feeling that moment gives us and we walk away with that feeling enshrined with in us forever.
This saree is challenging for me as I have tried to incorporate completely a new concept of design on a saree.This is a cotton silk black saree with contrast geecha pallu.This particular design is painted with acrylic paint like oil painting on canvas .The 75cmΓ—50cm design covers the front part of the upper torso.
This unique version of saree will definitely be one of your proud possessions.


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Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dy wash is preferred.
  2. Always iron from the reverse side .


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