Blue Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the fragility and beauty of life. Their tragically short life is a beautiful reminder that we must celebrate all the little joys in life without worrying about how much time we might have left. This romantically redolent piece of art is like poetry painted on cloth. The saree is painted on Bangalore silk known for its light-weight and smooth and shiny texture. The Japanese cherry blossoms are painted with meticulous care. Some petals are shown to be blown asunder by the winds to create a natural look. On careful observation, the painting shows a 3-dimensional effect. The design falls from the left shoulder to the right waist. A miniature composition of this design is painted at the back of the blouse to balance the look. The soft and sheer flowy fabric assures a comfortable drape.

Length of saree: 6m with running blouse piece. No pencil work is done and the patterns are painted directly on the cloth. The water colour style of painting has been adopted – a technique that requires great forbearance. the design falls from the left shoulder to the right waist and covers the front side of the torso.


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Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dry Wash Is Preferred.
  2. Always Iron From The Reverse Side .


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