Red love


This painting is not an accurate representation or depiction of a visual reality, instead the colours, forms and shapes project the effects of flowers.
Though the painting doesn’t reflect any form of realism ,it can stir up viewers minds into a feeling of love for the spirit of the painting. Here the colours are melting and dripping from the images of the poppy flowers and spreading the joy of love for oneself or of others ; the delicate pink colour around them represent harmony , friendship and inner peace.
And here the dragonfly is the only realistic approach in the painting that exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest.
This painting is painted on a pure crepesilk with silkpaint in wet on wet process.This faint creamwhite saree gives a comfortable drape in any season.

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Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dry wash is preferred.
  2. Always iron from the reverse side .


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