The Dazzling Sunflower


The vibrant sunflowers turn their faces with the sun. They inspire us to be positive and see the sunny side of life. This saree is done on a Ghicha silk of Bihar. The lightweight saree has a shimmering appearance that adds to the glamour on the fabric and the vibrant yellow pallu adds to the contrast. The vivid yellow flowers have two ladybugs on them adding a tint of life. A boat neck sleeveless blouse with the sunflower at the back enhances the grace of the saree.
The flowers are hand-painted with acrylic paint without tracing the design with pencil. The fabric is adorned with different colours of acrylic paint. The paints are applied like oil paint on a knife edge so it gets a nice texture to the touch. The design falls on the first pleat of the right side and covers upto the knee. 24 hours after the painting, the saree is ironed to fix the colour.

  • Art size: 60 inches by 80 inches.
  • Saree length : 6m with running blouse piece


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Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dry Wash is Preferred.
  2. Always Iron From The Reverse Side .


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