The Devil Trumpets


This is a completely different type of representation of my artwork.Its not an accurate depiction of reality.The realistic dhaturas dangling over the impression of blue water and creates an imaginary visualisation unlike my other traditional art those are tied to logic and depicts reality.
I find the dhautras very interesting as it’s considered to be a holy flower even the fact of being poisonous because dhatura is believed to appear from the chest of Lord Shiva. Somehow I tried to keep the holiness of the flower against the turquoise blue but not sure if you like my this particular design on saree .
Another uniqueness of this saree is the placement of the design .Here the flowers dangle from the weist and the whole composition gives a slender appearance to the wearer.
This is a pure Mulberry satinsilk.
Length: 5’65mt
blouse pc:90cm (pure silk)

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Please follow the instructions of ironing the saree to preserve the colour and texture.


  1. Dry wash is preferred.
  2. Always iron from the reverse side .


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